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I needed to write a new post.

2007-08-24 22:55:53 by Wretched-Raygun

and here it is

Last night, I had a very strange idea while starring out the window. I thought that I should make a flash out of it. So, I have been plotting the movie today, and within next week I should have it the ideas all put together, so I could start the animation.


So about an hour ago, I was searching through engadget only to discover
this! I don't know if tasers have ever been available to the public, but soon they will be. This thing could fire wires up to 15 ft. and carries 50,000 volts which is supposed to "temporarily incapacitate" some one. I'd buy this thing just to see wat kind of fuckin' havoc I could create with it!

Congrats Newgrounds!

2007-07-17 17:04:55 by Wretched-Raygun

This is an amazing change for all of us, and hopefully there will still be new things to come! This will be the mark of a new era of great flash artist as well as musicians, who can finally lay their work on this beautiful new change!